College life. Wake up get ready for the day, do a small assignment, go to chapel, go to class, eat lunch, take a nap, do more homework, eat dinner, do a little more homework, take the evening off. That is how it would go if you were perfectly organized and everything flowed easily. However, college doesn’t always go that way. I can speak for myself, at least, that is most often does not turn out this way at all. This is partly because the elusive beast known as the weekly schedule has always avoided my grasp. Another reason is that much of the time my work involves doing things that I’ve never done before and they are a big challenge. I’ve pulled many late nights that stretched to 6am and had many anxious days and nights feeling like I couldn’t possibly make it.

“How encouraging”, you say, “Beth, you know exactly how I feel, but you aren’t helping me through it at all.”

Hold on, my friend, for I am about to share with you something that I’ve found makes all the difference. Its the stage manager, working behind the scenes of your life that even you may not be aware of, but if you spend in Him, he will cause your show to run much more smoothly.

You may be rolling your eyes at this point, but I cannot express how many “coincidental” times there have been in my college career where I spent time praying to God and things started running so much better. Did I feel a supernatural brain spark or all encompassing hug around me 24/7 that kept me at peace? No, I did not. However, homework started to get done with my heart at peace. Many times I had productive days that I had always dreamed of having that never seemed to come no matter how I tried.  If nothing else, I knew that if I was working for God and not my professor, I didn’t have to be ashamed of anything.

Challenge yourself this weekend. If you’ve got things to get done and you’re afraid of failing as I often have been, wake up tomorrow and take time with God. Thank Him for the day. Lift up those around you who need prayer. Give your day into His hands and express your heart to Him. After you do all of that, trust Him and His heart.

Have a blessed, productive weekend staying in the hands of Christ.


1.We have a strong city;
    God makes salvation
    its walls and ramparts.
2.  Open the gates
    that the righteous nation may enter,
    the nation that keeps faith.
3. You will keep in perfect peace
    those whose minds are steadfast,
    because they trust in you.
4. Trust in the Lord forever,
    for the Lord, the Lord himself, is the Rock eternal. – Isaiah 26:1-4