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This one goes out to all of you college seniors and recent graduates. You have put years of your time, and energy into being able to say you’ve earned that diploma whether its being held in a frame on your wall, or still a spot in your dreams, however, if you’re like most people, you’ve had to make a sizable monetary investment as well.  Thinking about paying off college loans can be a frightening thing, but there are options out there for you that will make it possible for you to pay off your loans and still make a life for yourself. I could list all of these options for you, but info graphics are more fun, so here is a little video that will start you on the road to financial certainty and ease of mind (at least when it comes to your college loans.)



And here is a little tool that might help you out with your numbers



Just remember that if God has called you to be somewhere, He will help you through this process, and lead you into the life He has for you.