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Often times our struggles begin in our minds. Lies that the enemy tells us that get us to fear, shrink up, and give up on the call that God has on our lives. If you’ve been telling yourself that you are too ugly, too stupid, too unlikeable, too small, too afraid or anything else along those lines, first, know that most people go through this in life, and you are not alone. If you don’t think you know anybody else going through it, I’ll be the first to raise my hand so you can be certain I’m telling you the truth. 


The enemy knows where to hit us. For me, it was setting a fear of failure deep inside me that paralyzed me. However with the help of some friends who were willing to listen, I remembered that if I am seeking to be in God’s will for my life, than I don’t need to fear failure because I will be able to achieve whatever God has me do.


Back when I was little I used to go to a summer camp, Pilgrim Camp, in upstate NY every summer. The camp is on a lake, and there is a small lookout point called Watch Rock. That rock rests over the deepest part of Brant Lake.  One year, our head counselor told us that sometimes what we need to do with our guilt, fears, sins, and failures was to write them down, burn them, and then drop the ashes off of Watch Rock. 

Of course we can’t always literally go up to the Adirondack mountain range to symbolically burn and drown all of the negativity thats been planted in our minds. We can however give them over to God and write them down to get them out. Look at all of the lies you wrote down, and then tear them up. If you wanna be like me, you could get a large cup of water, pray over that, and then drown all of those those thoughts. 

The thoughts and fears may not go away right away; you may need to give them over to God and ask for His will every day for a long time. No matter how long it takes, as you focus on the power of God in your life, eventually you will see how small and false the lies of the enemy are, and you will trust God in a much greater way than you do now.