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Today marks a very special occasion as I uploaded my first small album, Frozen Fractals, (https://bethanywaldvogel.jux.com) to the blog that I intend to use to show my work! There is something truly inspiring about getting to put your work out for everyone to see. It makes you want to do more. Not because you are under the pressure of deadlines, but because you now have real proof that you can do it.  At the beginning of this week I encouraged you all to give your cares over to God, and really try to live life to the fullest. Perhaps you aren’t somebody who likes creating things. Maybe you like fixing thing, or renovating things, or teaching, or doing math…..that last one REALLY is true for some people. Whatever you like to do, that makes you feel alive and makes your world bigger* go out and do it! Don’t let the enemy take control of you. If you feel too low to even start, go pick out some really fun music, and play it while you go for a walk, clean the house, or drive. Pray, sing, dance. By the time you are done, I’m sure you’ll have what it takes to get started.
Never forget that you are God’s child, and if you are alive, He has given you the right to LIVE.

Have a wonderfully blessed day, knowing I’ll be praying for you.