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It is one week into the new year. By now you may be feeling the strain of resolutions, business of work, getting the kids back to school, or whatever it is makes up your life. For me, this is my last week home, so final appointments need to be had, laundry needs to be done, new semester purchases made, last minute gifts given, and of course, resolutions that I made a week ago that need to be worked on. Do not be alarmed, I’m not making this list to make you think of everything you need to be doing right now. Stop. Breathe. Thank God for today. Remember that above all else you are here to glorify Him, and you need to take time out to just be with Him. When you do that you’ll find a sense of peace and energy that will make all other things not just bearable, but maybe even enjoyable.  Don’t give up because you tripped up in an area this week. This is a new day for you to give up that 15th cup of coffee, do that workout, spend time with your family, or whatever. Don’t feel defeated by the world. Be empowered through Christ, and live this beautiful life with His grace.

God bless! I’ll be praying for you all this week.