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The first few days back on a college campus. Friendly faces all around, renewed energy, and the reality that school starts in a few days still a hazy thought in the back of your mind. Maybe you can relate to this. Classes officially started here at my small North Eastern school on Tuesday and it’s those few days, and your mindset in them that set you up for the semester.  (If you’re one of my reader friends who is struggling with depression or anxiety, please don’t give in. Remember give it to God and maybe a close friend and push on. It will be worth it!)  This could be your best semester ever if you really work for it. This is your chance to be on the offensive. Analyze your schedule, course load, and anything extra you have and figure out when your best time is to work. I’m blessed with a really great schedule this semester, so I’m planning on getting through as many of my textbooks as possible in the first month so that I can focus on projects later on, and still have fun. What can you do? Remember, college is a chapter of life, but its not your whole life, so don’t forget to be yourself and live. 

Since its still January, its still a time to think about what your goals are for the year. I hope you haven’t given up! I haven’t. I’m not perfect, but I’m going to keep at it! Remember, slow and steady!