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Today is the first last day of school for this undergraduate. As I looked through all of my syllabi anxiety and terror came over me like a sheet being pulled over a cold child. Then I stopped, and in so doing I went through a few steps that are necessary in winning the war against these horrid feelings.
I filmed a vlog. That is not a spiritual thing to do, but doing something that allows you to be yourself, will help you realize you, and life are more than whatever you are anxious about
I prayed. Asking God to take the situation and give you His peace and grace is not an empty thing. God WANTS to give you those things, and they truly make the largest difference. He kept me alive last year when things were far worse than challenging. To be honest about 10 months ago I was having suicidal thoughts. To my shame they involved my roommate and best friend’s many medications. (She has a rheumatic disease). In the midst of this I cried out to the Lord, and He brought me through.

What will you allow the enemy to steal from you? Your hope, your joy, your peace? That last one goes especially easy for people struggling with Depression and Anxiety as about a third of people do. However doing things like I did today, praying, singing, remembering who you are, all fight against the attacks and allow you to hold on to what the enemy wishes he could take. Don’t give him victory. Walk away from attacks, put on the armor of God, look at the awesome power of the infinite God through your finite eyes, and look at yourself through the eyes of the God who created you as an individual with a great purpose. Your situation won’t be gone, but your fears will have little choice but to retreat from this battle.

Every stand that we don’t back down from is a victory of God. If you stumble, forgive yourself. God has a lot better than self-hatred planned for you.