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“Go to college”, they say,”It will get you a good job” they say, so that is what I did.

My reasons for going to college straight out of high school were the above, as well as a desire to figure out who I was since I didn’t think that would be possible staying at home.
Of course, me being who I am I got so uptight about my studies that I missed out on a lot of times when I could have been having fun with friends, getting outside experience in my field, or just having some sort of life. Nevertheless, college has been filled with many great experiences for me. Taking 1 a.m. walks to a convenience store for milkshakes, 1 a.m. trips to Walmart for no reason, going to a farm show, a $15 trip to Sight and Sound, seeing the Philadelphia Orchestra, serving on student government, getting permission from the manager of Imagine Dragons to use a hit single as the music for a promotional video my friends and I made for the school, going to Northern Ireland, winning an award for my work in a 48 hour film festival, going Swing Dancing, and being on the production team for a whole music festival…to name the interesting stuff.
Looking back on everything, (realizing that having a degree probably won’t get me a job right off the bat) I do not regret going to college. Yes, even though it put me into a grand amount of dept. What I learned was who I am, where my weaknesses lie, what my strengths are, and how easy it is to lose sight of God and yourself under the conditions that get to me. What I really learned was how to learn, and how to live.
I could have gone to a technical school or through a certification program for an education, and could have probably gotten a more specific education in that field since my degree is sort of a foundational one. To be honest, I hope to go through a few certifying programs in the future, and I think they are a great option for people who aren’t sure college is for them, but I am still thankful for all that college taught me, all the friends its brought me, and for God helping me through the journey.