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For the past several years I’ve had an idea of something to do someday when I have my own home. I like to call it “Hospitality Day” a day during one weekend of the month to make cookie dough or pies, or something along those lines to freeze and save for some point during the month when somebody comes over. This way there is always something baked fresh for company. It would also be nice to build up tea and candle collections so that my home can be warm and inviting for anybody who comes by. Now that I am out of school though why wait until I move out? Lets make it this year. I start aiming to be mindful of the people who may stop by.

As you may have gathered by now, I life things to have a point. So what’s the point of Hospitality day? Food prep can be fun, sure, but this is about taking time to make something for friends, so there are a few points…like a star. First, people love being offered freshly baked food. Fact. Second, baked goods are delicious, and they make them feel special. You were thinking of them. When you take time to consciously serve others you get your mind off of yourself. When you are making your dough or batter or whatever you choose to make you have a chance to think of them and not focus on yourself. If you are struggling with feeling like a burden because of your depression, this can be a real blessing.
Pray for your guests while you work. Thank God for them, bring their needs before Him and ask His blessing on them. Don’t forget to have fun! Play some music, praise God, and dance around. Whatever you need in the moment.

God is awesome at making people feel special. He wants His children to do the same for others. When we do we are glorifying God by allowing Him to let us be His hands here on earth. He also blesses us by lifting our spirits to see above our circumstances.

Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me. – Matthew 25:40