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We all need to face it, college, while bringing all kinds of positive learning, gaining wisdom, and self discovery, it generally isn’t the most health conscious time in most people’s lives. It can take a huge toll on your body. Especially if you live on campus and live off take out and cafeteria food. Hence the infamous “freshman 15”. Some rise above awful eating habits, but most of us, myself included, give in eventually. It really does a number on your health. Not just your weight, but your overall physical and mental health and function. So afterwards its time to try to reclaim. Especially for your mental health I thought altering my diet to take out a lot of starches and add water seemed like the step to take, until, that my best friend schooled me on the topic of intestinal health.
Well actually she started sharing me the wonders of parasites until I was certain I had them and decided to do a parasite cleanse….and THEN she schooled me on intestinal health. We’ve all heard of pro and prebiotics. We know they are important to our gut, but it turns out they are far more important than we give them credit for. However, I had not heard about Candida. The anti hero of our digestive health. Candida, is a yeast (fungus) that you may have far too much of in your gut. Having some is normal, so it isn’t a flat out villain, but it is self seeking and having a lot is absolutely terrible for you.
Besides sounding gross, whats the big deal? I told you that my friend caused me to want to do a parasite cleanse. I did it. An all natural capsule form cleanse that is taken over a ten day period. The one interesting side effect I had was that my skin cleared up. Digging a bit showed me that the same ingredients in my cleanse were also in a Candida stabilizing capsule. This is when I started to realize I too may have a Candida problem.
Having too much yeast can mess up your skin?! Yes. Yes it can, but you know what else it can do? Stop your intestines from shipping the majority of serotonin your body makes to your brain. Serotonin is your body’s mood stabilizing chemical and it’s actually largely made by your intestines.
Does that mean that your intestines poor health could be linked to your symptoms of depression? Yes, yes it does. It could also be related to skin and nail fungal infections, unmerited exhaustion and fatigue, bloating/constipation, autoimmune diseases, ADD/Brain Fog/Poor memory, skin conditions, anxiety, sugar/starch cravings, severe allergies, and the list goes on.
Crazy, isn’t it?
There are lots of resources about digestive health and how to balance it out. Personally I am going to try an all natural supplement that is made to control levels of candida. Diet changes to reduce starches and sugars are also in the plan. I am not a doctor so I can’t make up a game plan for you, but I would suggest you visit one, especially a Holistics doctor, to come up with a strategy for caring for your gut health. There is no garuantee that this will cure me or you completely, but look at that list of things it could help cure! Isn’t it worth it to try?
God made us the stewards of the bodies we’ve got, and gave us the tools we need to care for them. If we work at supporting each other in our quest for mental health, we will find the end of the depression tunnel.