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The future can be a scary looking beast. Over my last year in school I would often find myself wondering if small insignificant I would be able to get a job after all the chaos of school was over. It seemed like an impossibility. I was a tiny little row boat in an stormy ocean of financial uncertainty in a waining, but still prevalent, economic recession. Only the best get a second glance. Through that time I prayed that God would PLEASE let something be there for me. Nothing specific, just something to let me know I had been doing the right thing, and that He did have a plan for me. Something that had meaning.
About a month after I got home from school I was approached by my pastor who told me that a new member of our church had been asking him if there was anybody around who does social media and website management because his business is growing and he needs some help in those areas. Thus my first job interview came!

Before hand I must admit that it was rather nerve wracking. Talking to my current coworkers to get my night-before shift covered, trying to find an great interview outfit, finding resources that will help me learn more about the position that I am applying for, etc. It was a little crazy, but God is good, and I made it through. It was a highly unconventional interview as I found that the person talking to me had already decided that he wanted to hire me and this was basically to see how I feel about the idea. Crazy Huh?
So as I was praying a year ago about my fears, pouring my heart out, God was listening and setting things into place to bring me this job.
A part time job that is work from home, pays over 300% more hourly than I make at my current job, has the potential for growth, and a God fearing boss who is expanding so that he can give 50% of profits to ministry.

All through college when I was afraid of my future I asked God to make everything okay, and every time I did, He showed me in little ways that He was listening, and answering my prayers. Now that I am out of school, He is preparing my way for me in bigger ways than I could have imagined.
Praying and having confidence in God is powerful. Never think that God isn’t listening to you. He is, and He is looking out for you. Maybe you won’t get everything for ask for. I know I haven’t thus far, but when God says no, ask Him why, and take the answers He gives you. Everything will be okay. Better even, because His plans are far greater than ours.

Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.
Matthew 6:33