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Changes. They can be some of the scariest, or most exciting things in life. They often seem overwhelming; expecially if you are struggling with depression. Thank God, I haven’t had many bad days at all lately, but still, the changes going on in my life (New job, being back at home, etc) are still quite difficult for me. Personally, I am terrible at sticking to schedules, so balancing my at-home job, and my other job, without failing to help my mother with house work, invest time in my family, blog, workout, eat right, take on all of my other personal projects, and get enough sleep seems impossible. Trying to do it all at once didn’t work out so well. I must admit, I crashed. Balance lost completely.
Changes don’t need to be that way. Sure they are a challenge, but they don’t need to be a tense, heart raising, self hating, “I’m ashamed of me, and you should be too.” thing. Change brings new horizons and opportunities for grand adventure.
Now that I’ve gone through it for a little while now and have learned a few things, let me share a those things that may help turn the challenge of change into the adventure of new horizons.

Change is a difficult, uncomfortable thing sometimes, and you can drive yourself insane trying to make everything you want in your schedule flow smoothly right off the bat. SPOILER: It doesn’t work. Take on one thing, maybe two at a time. Which item on your agenda is the most important? Figure out how to make that one work. One step at a time you will achieve stability. No need to panic.

Have some grace with yourself.
One big lie you may believe is that if you’re not fitting everything in, than you’re a failure. It’s really hard to accept that it takes time to get the hang of new things. Remember the grace that God has for you, and that He loves you just how you are now. If He can be patient with you, you should be too.

Call for Back-up.
If you are like me, awful at sticking with things that I am doing alone, find somebody to report to. Find somebody with a similar something they have to add to their schedule. It may be working out, personal study, devotions, whatever. Whenever you complete the thing you are working into your schedule, tell that person. Allow them to encourage you and hold you accountable. It will make the transition much less daunting.

Let the changes in your life create new opportunities for life, and growth. Never let them paralyze and hurt you. You are made by God for great things, it just takes a lot of baby steps, and some big changes to get us there.