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Sometimes money is a really heavy weight on the mind. For all of you college graduates who find yourselves in debt and, like me, still working a restaurant or minimum wage job, figuring out how to make finances work can be far beyond stressful.
Anxiety over finances is a common thing, but if your faith is in God, I find that His faithfulness does not run short.
Since my bill/spending money comes almost completely out of my tip-share, reducing my days at the restaurant to make time for my part time professional job was intimidating. How will I make enough cash every week? What part of my budget will I need to cut from? Questions like these unnerved me for a few days.  Then I realized that if God wants to keep me there, He will provide for me there. If He could provide for Elijah camping out by a creek during a draught and famine, who am I to think He can’t get me the cash I need for my weekly budget?
 He is a provider like no other.   I’ve had horrible shifts where I made next to nothing, and even accidentally missed a shift in the past couple weeks, but God knows what I need, and keeps blessing me with shifts that yield enough to make up the difference, and then some.
Trusting God to provide is what Jesus was talking about when he told the people not to worry about what they would eat,  or wear, where you will live. In our case it is how much income you will have, but it remains true that God will take care of you if you allow Him to. You are cherished, and can trust Him to provide.