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Sometimes days aren’t easy. Sometimes weeks and months aren’t so hot either. It isn’t always an internal thing. Lots of things in life can make things difficult. Lately my restaurant job, has given me a lot of grief. In all honesty it has grown highly unpleasant for me at many times.

Times like this are no fun. However, God I know gave me this job because He wanted to use me for something here and as far as I can tell it hadn’t happened yet. As I prayed about what to do, situations at work grew worse and worse. It seemed that the enemy wanted to squeeze me until I give up and leave. After a time, I now know that God definitely wants me to stay where I am for now.

That gives me a choice. Each day I decide again whether I will merely complain and be angry at my place of employment, or will I call on God for His peace in this storm and allow Him to make me the blessing and testimony of His grace that He wants me to be there as I wait for whatever he wants me to do comes along? As the writer of Great is thy Faithfulness understood, God will give us strength for today, and bright hope for tomorrow.  We just need to ask Him.

Lord, help us to step out in faith and in your strength into the difficult situations we live in.