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While we work on healing from depression we often face bad days. They are a common topic spoken of from various angles. Why we should not feel bad about them, what we can do to make them better, why they happen, etc. It is important to have an understanding of the beast you face. Lately though, it has hit me that as we walk through the healing process there aren’t only bad days; there have good days too! Sometimes they don’t come often, but when they do, they don’t get nearly enough attention. After a period of feeling ill, worthless, or sad having a time good is something worth acknowledging.  Celebrate it! Rejoice! The little victories can be the largest. Thank God for the help He gives you.
(Side note: Depression DOES NOT mean you do not have faith in God. It is an illness. Nor does taking medication to help you feel better, unless you feel God is telling you not to. Always pray about those types of decisions.)
Documenting good days is also a great help. Whatever causes your good day whether it be forces external or internal,  write it down. Whether in a  “Good Day” journal, your calendar, or a set of post-it notes stuck somewhere it will be seen.  My personal favorite is a jar you fill with slips of paper with every good day you have throughout the year so you can look back on them in December and remember the good times.
Bad days will come again;  they almost definitely will. Everyone, depressed or otherwise has them.  Making a bigger deal out of the good times than the bad ones is one of the things that can keep you going. Praise God for the good times, and continue in the bad times. He will bring you through.