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One of my goals for this first year out of college is to redo my room (at my parents house) to be a micro office, bedroom, and living area. Why? Because now that my lovely sister is married, I have a rather large bedroom to myself, and why let being at your parents home get you down? However, I am paying off loans and that takes away majority of my money each month so the budget is very small.  It’s taught me some things about DIY projects that may help you out.
Don’t take on too much
Whether you want to remake old furniture, or redo your whole home, only take on the amount 90% of what you think you can handle at a time.  You may not be ready for the big stuff at first, and you don’t want to get frustrated and quit, so start with the little stuff. I chose my micro office as my first step.
Know what you can afford
What are some things you can feasibly do on your budget? Figure out how much you have to invest, make a list of desired renovations, and determine the best place to start. Your time should also be considered for DIY projects. Time is money too!
Old stuff new. Pricy stuff affordable.
Craigslist, flea markets, yard/estate sales, clearance sections, and  coupons, are GREAT assets. You can find a lot of things to refinish or repurpose online and at outdoor sales. Don’t knock it till you try! Also, craft and material stores often have really good coupons and clearance sections. My first large purchase for my micro office was a desk. Desks can be incredibly expensive; mine from a guy on Craigslist cost $20.00. Some paint, a stencil, and new knobs, made it a brand new little creation. You never know what you will find that can become something beautiful.
If you’ve been looking for a therapeutic hobby to help you with your emotional ups and downs, and inspire your creative spirit, give it a shot! The most important thing is to have fun with it. Whether you choose to redo your home, or remake and upcycle furniture if you can have fun, reduce stress, and feel new purpose, praise God, and create with passion.