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When life gets really busy, we often don’t have time to process what has been going on or how it has affected us emotionally.
I had such an opportunity when a friend of mine and I had nothing to do and sat around bored for a good hour and a half.   Thoughts of things that were going on around me swirled through my mind, and it hit me how sad I was.
As the days went on, hurt and anger built up on top of that sadness. It had been there for months, some of it for years, but now that I had processed it, it started to affect a lot. My mood was like a feather, so easily set off balance.
 A lot of people think that the best thing to do is let go of such things, but if we can so simply let go of something greatly affecting us, are we truly letting go?  It seems more likely that we are just shoving it to the back of our minds. Ultimately damaging our health.
Humans need time to process emotions to truly release them.
This past weekend, finally ready to let go, I was trying to who spill my heart out to. Sometimes you need to say things out loud in order to be free.  Then some common sense hit me; who could I tell it to that could take it away better than God?  Since then, things are going much better.
Built up feelings that are released may not just up and leave when you feel you’ve let them go.  Remember you placed them in God’s hands and ask for His help to leave them there. You may find that your attitude improves, your sadness starts to fade, and you find talking to God a much less difficult task.
Love and prayers,