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Sometimes God provides things that He doesn’t mean for us to keep for very long. Recently God let me know it was time to quit my, better paying, industry job. The day the decision was thrust upon me, the feelings I’d had were quite mixed. My boss and I had terrible chemistry and it was a relief to think about leaving, and yet, the money from that job keeps my student loans in check. I gave it to God and asked Him to show me what to do. The next day He supplied me with the money it will take to supplement my restaurant income for the next 6 months. That seems like a decent sign to me.  So right now I have more time to write, blog, and work on other ventures I feel God has given me.  It seems that this is a period where I am to walk out on the water and trust that God will keep me afloat.  So its time to step out of the boat and start moving.
 Right now it is unclear whether He would have me find another job or dive into my freelancing and creative endeavors, but I know that He is with me, for me, and guiding me all the way.
Can’t wait to let all of you know where He takes me next. Whether mainland, island, or sand shelf.