My mom always told us not to speak only to hear our own voice.  Now that I’ve grown up the value of that philosophy is proven to me on a regular basis.
Words have such great power and people through them around so carelessly. They say that talk is cheap, but is it really the talk that is cheap, or that we’ve forgotten the value of it?  Everybody says something that they later regret at times. If you don’t, don’t worry, I do so enough for the both of us.  That is why in this past year I’ve asked God to put a guard on my mouth, and have tried to stop and check myself.
 Of course strictly watching every word that crosses your lips while you’re casually hanging out with friends isn’t that necessary. We shouldn’t be serious, solemn and tense all the time. However, what about when people ask for advice,  when we are asked to disclose information about others, or when we are just really upset at somebody close to us. Do we guard our lips and choose our words wisely?  Especially for those struggling with their emotions, its easy to struggle with saying all the wrong things to all the wrong people. It is quite true; hurt people, do indeed, hurt people.
Understand the weight of the words you use before we say them.
Stopping to ask yourself if there is benefit in what you are saying, if it is something somebody else would be okay with you saying about them, and if you are saying it objectively or just out of your emotions is a really great starting point to help you speak with objectivity and wisdom. Then pray and asking God to guard your lips from foolish, vain, hurtful speech.  The more you take pause and give yourself over to God, the more wisdom He will give you to react to situations outside of your own feelings, appropriately and wisely.