Today after about a year of planning to do so, my best friend Abby and I took on one of the scarier projects that need to be done at my house….organizing my garage.  It was a monstrous task that practically should have had a full 3 days set aside for. In case your garage also needs some TLC here is the system we used to get it done.
How two Jersey girls organize a rat packed garage
  1. We went through the garage, made note of all the stationary and movable areas of storage we had available.
  2. Next we wrote out a list of 7 categories of things in the garage that needed organizing (it really should have been 9 or so)
  3.  After that determined the best storage area for each of the categories.

Up until this point everything seemed golden…Planning it out would save us TONS of time…that’s not how it worked out.

4. We emptied 2/3 of the garage of…EVERYTHING, sorting into categorical piles as we went.

5. Swept out all the dust, dirt, mousey gifts, and started trashing loads of old garbage..satisfying to be sure.

6. Started organizing stuff back into newly assigned area.

We got about half of what we hoped to accomplish done today, and sadly we ended up putting some back in unorganized, but it was definitely a good run and here are a few great take aways.
  1. Mice have powers of invisibility.  I didn’t even know we had mice, and their poop was EVERYWHERE! They are clearly invisible.
  2. Spiders love social events.  Seriously, spiders ranging from its bits, to an inch and a half across all reside in the jungle that was my garage. It was like a family reunion including the long lost cousins you didn’t know about.
  3. Mosquitos are vampires.  I made it through the whole day without a bite and then got eaten alive once the sun went down. Coincidence? Not likely.
  4.  Friends are for doing life with!   A lot of times people think that we have friends for the extremes. For the road trips, nights out, sleep overs, girl talk, break ups, stress eating, and angry rants. Good friends are there for all of those things, sure, but they are also there to be part of your day to day. The doing homework, grocery shopping, and cleaning out/organizing an eyesore of a garage.  We should stick together during those times, because those times build strong friendships.
Hopefully this garage will be finished up soon… say before winter.  It is well under way and with a grateful heart and slightly closed up throat I say thank you, God, for Abby. The girl who isn’t just there for the mountains and valleys, but also for the boring grass lands in between.