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Sometimes days come along that are really hard to deal with. One really distasteful type is the day that comes along to remind you of all your personal failings.  Depression seems to really magnifies these days.  You mess up in some small way, a harmless mistake, then it escalates and everything you touch seems to fall apart and die.  Your mind starts telling you this is all because of what a weak, insensitive, and generally terrible person you are.
You become more tense as your brain continues to tear you down until everything around you is devastation, and all you are is a shameful, disgusting mess.  Then you feel like you should hide yourself from everybody you love because you’re becoming a monster; only hurting people.
If this is relatable to you, you aren’t alone; there is a way out.
This probably doesn’t sound right at the moment.  Is Beth suggesting that we forget our faults and continue hurting people we care about? No, not at all.  Please hear me out.
Think back to a time God convicted your heart about something. Did you feel panicked? Anxious? That’s never been the case for me. I’ve felt humbled, yet at peace knowing that God was showing me what it was time to let go of.
 If you are constantly feeling guilt and anxiety, God probably isn’t behind it. God convicts, but He only does so for His glory, and our benefit. He is not the giver of guilt nor anxiety.  If He was He would not told us to be anxious for nothing.
So there is my argument for why you should feel able to escape this trap.  I’m not gonna lie, this has been my own struggle this week, and it isn’t always easy to get free from, but here are the steps that I take to enter back into God’s peace.
  1. Acknowledge its happening – Realize what is going on. Your mind is lying to you.
  2. Sort out the truth from the lies – Separate your wrongdoings from lame stuff that just happens. Bad stuff happens. It isn’t always your fault.
  3. Repent for anything you’ve done wrong – God is there to forgive and restore.
  4. Ask God for His peace, and claim it in Jesus name – Keep claiming it until you have it.
It may take giving it back to God again and again, but this will leave you, and you shall find peace again.
God bless,