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This week after much struggle to put it off I desperately needed to get new dress trousers for work. Yuck. Mine have been worn for so long the right leg no longer has a bottom hem. Who wants to waste good clothing budget on clothes for work? It’s depressing as buying food for work AT work…I do that. However, that gave me a good reason to do something I find quite ordinary yet exciting; sale search couponing!
 Many millennial college graduates have a debt problem.
Working at a restaurant I get paid primarily in small wads of cash stuffed into teeny tiny manilla envelopes with my name written on them. I budget my cash using a file portfolio…its a bit more durability than envelopes. Each week I put a set amount into each section.  Over time I save up for things.  I put $5.00 a week into my clothing “envelope”, and $7.00 into shopping. Yes, I know that is a very small amount.  This is why sales and coupons are my best friends.
Luckily, I had a $10.00 off $10.00 or more coupon for a near by department store. (Keep an eye out for those.)  When I got to the store I sorted through things until I found a sale rack (also a huge plus) wear dress pants that were normally $34.00 were only $18.00. I found a pair almost identical to my current pair, and bought them for a final price of $8.00 after the coupon.  So they went from costing me 7 weeks worth of my budget to only 1.5 weeks. Not too bad, huh?
If this at all inspires you and you’d like to try to save some cash of your own, here are some tips I use that will help you
  1. Coupons and sales (30% or more) are great.  Utilizing either is helpful, utilizing them together feels like winning American Ninja Warrior….not really but it feels pretty great.
  2. Don’t use coupons as an excuse to live off of junk food!  That makes up almost majority of coupons. Nevertheless, use sales and/or coupons when purchasing clothes, toiletries, cleaners, coffee, batteries, etc.
  3. Know how many you can use.  Some coupons will have a 1 per purchase rule, others you can get away with up to 4.
  4. Know WHEN to shop. Holidays and changes of season mean sales. Know what clothing stores have the best deals, and sign up for coupons from them.
Bonus tip: If you feel like REALLY getting into couponing at grocery stores, get a copy of the stores coupon policies so you’ll always know what to expect.
Nothing in daily life has to be boring. Even grocery shopping. Make it a money saving challenge! After all, if you don’t have the money to start a hobby, you can always make saving money your hobby, right?
Have a great week!