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Don’t you love when things play out the way you plan them?  We plan things out and our plans become a part of our lives.  We like they our lives to go according to plan. It only makes sense. That is why when things don’t go according to plan it can be rather frustrating.  It’s happened a lot to me lately that things got canceled last minute, or I got called into work, or somebody didn’t show up, or NOBODY was available on the only day I was free.
It’s enough to make you feel really lonely or even depressed.  Its definitely been like that on this end more than a couple of times.  However, I’ve learned how to take control of those feelings, at least to an extent.  Instead of turning to anybody in my contacts like I used to, I thank God that He is with me, and that I am never alone. Next I turn on some music, and ride out the boredom by start thinking of other things to do.
Need some suggestions?  Write somebody a letter who maybe might be feeling lonely too. Bake for somebody who needs a something good to happen today. Be the smile, the laugh you were hoping somebody would be for you. Or just work on that hobby you’ve picked up. Whatever you’re good at, do it; have fun doing it!
There have been many times when a big something ahead for me that was supposed to happen and for one reason or another, things didn’t go according to plan.  Yet, every time I’ve had to let go, and be okay with it, God has given me back something far better. So whether is big life plans or just evening plans, if your plans change don’t think of it as being bored and alone. You are simply waiting for something FAR better. Just have fun in the wait and look for the good things in it. You never know what will happen when you let things happen unaccording to plan.