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You know those mornings when you wake up with a big thought in your brain? Its like a frog hopping around with a message there in your mind. Then in the back of your mind a smaller frog messenger sneaks in, and all of a sudden it propels itself over the first thought and becomes the more present yet somehow the messenger frog one is still very present. Then the next comes, and the next, and soon there are one hundred little frogs with reminders for you chilling in your brain having a party.  For me this is often within the first hour of consciousness.  By then your brain is overwhelmed with 100 little frogs doing the cha cha slide. How they all flow together I am not sure, but somehow they do.  Even if they aren’t all particularly anxiety inducing thoughts on their own, having 100 different thoughts rushing through our brains at once is more than we are made to handle. How do we calm our minds to give ourselves a chance at accomplishing anything?
First off you need to go for a walk, a run, or even just sit down. Whichever is most calming to you. Next, I like to make some herbal tea (you don’t need caffeine right now) and play some calming instrumental music. Trevor Gordon Hall is a great choice.  Great musician, and a great guy in general. With tea in hand, sit, breathe, and let the music calm you. This won’t happen all at once, but give it a little while.
Next, write out whats still on your mind in a diary or a prayer journal.  By the time you are done you will feel much better.
 Remember that God wants you to be at peace and live abundantly, not exist at the speed of light in a state of constant panic.  Once you are calm, cool and collected, write out a simple, nonthreatening, to-do list, and do the things you can handle one at a time.
Jesus tells us not to worry about tomorrow, because there is enough to deal with today. Therefore, deal with todays frogs today, and leave tomorrow’s frogs for tomorrow.
God bless!