You’ve probably heard that you are what you eat.  Well the more I learn how dependent our bodies and brains are on their corresponding diet, I am blown away. For example, a dear friend stopped drinking coffee after being a bit of an addict, and suffered severe migraines as a part of her withdrawal symptoms.  I myself started taking a supplement earlier this year to get rid of excess yeast in my system and my skin cleared up and I felt pretty calm and collected.  Its amazing how what we are eating, and drinking effects us physically and mentally.  Lately my brain chemistry has felt off and so I am trying to cut back on sugar, starches, and coffee. So far, so good. I’m not perfect, but I’m trying and when I stick with it, it does help.  It may not cure depression completely but perhaps it will help me keep things in check.  Maybe you should pray about seeing a doctor about your diet also. See if they can help you come up with a better eating style that will lessen your symptoms whether they be anger, anxiety, ADHD, apathy, or any other “A”…or other letter you may be experiencing. In working on your body you may just help your mind too.  I’ll let you know how my journey goes.