Beth’s Scribblings

Free Verse

Tangy, rich, sugar sweet obsession

The delicious sensation of freedom within you.

Sharp as a dart, smooth as chocolate

That melts on your lips and glides over your tongue.

Iambic and Trochaic as Clydesdales stand

Co much power constrained to the clip clop of their meter and rhyme

Being spurred at the sides for irregularities.

Free verse is a stallion running free

across rolling, unending prairie.

Take me away to experience

The joy of that not yet experienced.


Carry me home,

But not to a house;

Not to a building.

To a home without walls

Where freedom is breath,

Where love is water,

Adventure our sustenance.

Let me dwell in life itself.

Show me this home

It shall be mine,

Pray thee stay with me,

and so make it thine.


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